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Written by the celebrated author and businessman T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind describes how children of rich parents unconsciously inherit behavioral and cognitive patterns that bind them to great wealth. This book is useful for those who want to become rich and adopt wealth-earning habits.


  1. What we learn from our parents about money and wealth in childhood determines our future financial course.
    1. If Whether we rebel or listen to the rules taught to us in childhood, the values we learn at a young age remain a primary source of our financial course in life.
  2. The way our parents handle the finances unconsciously becomes our way of managing money.
    1. If a child asks for money from his mother and tells him/her to ask from dad first, this can make the impression that a man is better capable of handling money.
  3. To be able to break from the norms you have inherited, you need to come up with better plans and principles.
    1. We must create financial blueprints that are right for our lives.
  4. To succeed in becoming rich, you need to be brave enough to control fate.
    1. Weak-willed people blame others and situations for not becoming wealthy. Rich people build upon and owe their success/failures to themselves.
  5. Never hesitate to reach for the stars if you want to become a millionaire.
    1. The equation is simple: thinking big will have you doing the most to achieve your goals.