Return Policy

The return of the delivered products should be met as accordance to the nature of product which is mentioned below:

  • All the products are returned under replacement policy only
  • The Vegetables & Fruits would be delivered only in first attempt.
  • Rest of the grocery items would be delivered through the reattempt in case you missed a slot. The time duration is 2 days after delivery.
  • Personal (long durable), Lady Care & Baby Care items can be returned within 7-14 days after delivery in context of replacements only.

During Pick-up the products, some measures should be followed:

  1. It should be the correct product with clear IME/Name/Image/Brand/Serial Number/Bar code and MRP Tag.
  2. The packaging should be intact.
  3. The product must be unused.
  4. The product must be undamaged.
  5. The packaging must be managed and must not be undamaged.


Our field executive may refuse the acceptance if any of the above mentioned conditions may not be matched.